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Rules, Folders and Such

Welcome to My-Little-OC-Pony!

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:bulletblue:{RULES + FAQ}:bulletblue:
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Any Questions?

I hope this clears some stuff up. If you have any questions, message the group or any of its administrators! We are always happy to help.

{OC of the Month!}

Fire Strike Character Sheet By Starshinebeast by 3vilpyro

Fire Strike

Excitable, curious, friendly, hotheaded, stubborn, tenacious
Information: Fire Strike's goal is to become the greatest fighter in Equestria; she has trained since fillyhood to achieve her goal and will do whatever it takes to achieve it. After finishing ten years of training with her mentor, she is now travelling Equestria in search of competitions and tournaments to prove her skills. On her travels she reaches Ponyville where she decides to stay awhile after meeting a few rather unique ponies... Though she is awkward and unused to social niceties, she is trying her best to make friends and hopefully find somepony besides herself to fight for...

Nominations for OC of the Month are posted halfway through every month! If you're interested in nominating yourself, please view the rules over in this journal if you'd like your OC to be here!



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"Where does this go?"



I'm sorry if the top part is obnoxious, but I'm honestly a little tired of telling people they have to read everything LOL;; Next month, I figure out a more elegant way to put this here.
1. Do not badmouth another person's OC. This is a positive environment and anyone found making awful comments about another's OC will be disqualified automatically and you will receive a warning. If it happens again you will be removed from the group.
2. Please follow all the guidelines! Anyone who doesn't won't be counted.
3. You need to comment on this journal, otherwise it will be hard to keep track of!
4.If you are in the running, you may make a journal to advertise for voting, but you must advertise our group in the process!
5. Please don't solicit votes within the comments! I thought I placed this rule already, sorry! If you are caught doing so you will be disqualified. (Soliciting votes mean "Vote for my oc/[OC's name]!")
Time to vote for your choice for OC of the Month! Before you send in your votes for the poll, please view this journal! We encourage you to vote on the character itself, not just the artwork! That's why we have here a list of the participants for the month of September!

Voting will end on March 1st! at 11:59 PM EST!! ♥

</small>--How do I vote?--
Comment on this journal with the names of 2 ponies that you would like to vote for! At the end of the voting period, votes will be counted and the highest one wins!
You may not vote for yourself.
PLEASE remember, you need to vote for two otherwise your vote will not be counted

OC of the Month Qualifiers

Lemonade Paradise by The-Queen-Of-Cookies
The-Queen-Of-Cookies's Lemonade Paradise
Info: She is a caring and kind pony, but she doesn't let other ponies get in her way. She is fun and out-going, she can be kinky, and she loves making other ponies happy, especially with her lemonade. She can get a bit clingy to her socks as well as lemonade to the point where it can get annoying, but she's still loyal and loves making new friends.

MLP OC Expanded Sheet : Surfing Blossom by outlaw4rc
outlaw4rc's Surfing Blossom
Info:  Blossom loves giving everypony a friendly aloha but watch out! She does has a quick temper and will use her surfboard to assert her authority up and down the coastline. Although Blossom can't sustain flight, her wings lets her make jaw-dropping moves over the water, making her the queen of the waves.

Moon Rose Ref Sheet by MoonRose384
MoonRose384's Moon Rose
Info:  Moon Rose is one of the gardeners in canterlot. She got her cutiemark from when she was working on a school project. She was trying to find out why plants could only grow during the day, and while she was working, Moon brought a dead rose back to life during the night, hence the name Moon Rose. She now grows Blue Roses, and continues to practice growing flowers in the dark, just in case darkness shrouds the land. As you can probably tell, she has always been prepared and a bit untrusting.

ShyFly Resorce pack by TwitterShy
TwitterShy's ShyFly
Info:  Her name is ShyFly she is 13 years old she came from cloudsdale but she then moved to ponyville because she wanted to make some friends that wernt pegasus, so she left there at the age of 11 and made a lot of friends and became friends with Fluttershy and spike (because Fluttershy lives neer her.) She dosent like Rarity much and never got to know Twilight until she became a princess. ShyFlys colour schema is light pink, dark brown straightish hair and a long flowing tail as well as being able to fly she dosent like to go t high because shes quite afraid of heights her fav colour is pink and a light blue she is also good at art drawing and making ponies feel better and make equestria a happyer place!

OC: Yuki by Tilo972
YukiMemories's Yuki
[Reference Sheet]
Info:  I am Yuki, I am a young Pegasus, shy and sensitive, my skin is white as snow, my black mane like a moonless night, and my eyes blood red. I keep always my ear down and my wings open. My Cutie Mark is a Time Gear. I have great flight capacity, and feel more comfortable in the air than on grond. My Secret Garden that sits above the Sea of clouds. I also have great knowledge on myths and legends. My passions are, video games, anime Japony, music and legends.

Glitter Bang Reference by SparkleBloomSwirl
SparkleBloomSwirl's Glitter Bang
Info: Has owned a secondhand shop, with her older brother Flash Bang as the only other worked, for a few years now. Glitter Bang has always had a knack for fixing things and finding uses in busted or otherwise unwanted items. When her store closes she heads to the dump to look for new parts and projects. Very naive, not very knowledgeable about updated news, friendly but pretty awkward socially (though she's unaware of it)

Concord by oOSolarEclipseOo
oOSolarEclipseOo's Concord
Info: Such as with Discord, Spirit of Chaos, there would be no exceptions, Concord is an enigmatic being of light, unity, and harmony. Where Discord destroys and spreads chaos, Concord unifies and passively spreads harmony over all. Legends tell of Concord ending wars begun by Discord, many years past, by using his harmonious magic and influence to allow the warring races to come to find peace.

Quarrel, Apprentice of Chaos by FaithFirefly
FaithFirefly's Quarrel
Info:  Quarrel is generally very sweet-natured as a colt - but the older he gets and the more he learns about his powers, he gets bolder and his innate draconequus urge for chaos becomes more evident. Having Discord as an adopted father figure doesn't always help this, but as long as Quarrel can rein in his instincts, he would never dream of hurting anyone and his pranks keep to madcap fun.

Official Pyrocat Reference Sheet by pyr0cat
pyr0cat's Pyrocat
Info:  Pyrocat, or just Pyro, lives on the outer edges of ponyville, and makes/sells various useful magical items for a living. He got his cutie mark after igniting a small woodchip with a magnifying glass, magic-scanning the tiny wisp of flame, pouring a bunch of mana into it and directing the now-blue flame into the shape of a cat, and finally passing out from exhaustion. Personality-wise, he's kind of shy and very gay.

Paw Painter Ref Sheet (Updated) by ArtisticPup
ArtisticPup's Paw Painter
Info:  Paw Painter is a blue Pegasus that wears a bell around her neck. She is a young mare with a coltfriend and no kids. Her cutie mark is a paint brush and paw, which represents her love for animals and love for drawing/painting.

Lady Despair by rascal4488
rascal4488's Lady Despair
Info:  Despair has very backwards morals, but she's not evil (Think of the Addams Family). She doesn't know what her talent is (hence no cutie-mark) but she also doesn't care and isn't looking for her talent. She doesn't care if you hate her, but will respect you if you respect her.

Giveaway Art: Pony OC by TheNornOnTheGo
KyuremGirl's KyuFlake
[Reference Sheet]
Info: A rambunctious Pegasus prankster with an arsenal of snowballs and pranks whom hails from the northern-most part of Equestria: the Winter Mountain Krystelletine (Chris-TA-lea-teen). KyuFlake is a stubborn mare and often tries to prove herself correct, making her a bit arrogant and naive. KyuFlake was born with her ancestor's curse of the Windigos: to forever carry the spirit of Winter inside of her soul; to some ponies, Kyu is the embodiment of Winter.

:PC: Cootie Shot by Chumi-chan
MissPinka's Cootie Shot
[Reference Sheet]
Info: Cootie Shot is a nurse in Maretropolis who takes her job (administering vaccines) very seriously. However, she is a hopeless romantic and is extremely affectionate towards her friends and loved ones~

Evening Song by ShinePawPony
SongCoyote's Evening Song
[Reference Page]
Info: Evening Song is a dark blue pegasus with a green and yellow mane and magenta eyes. her cutie mark is a seven-pointed yellow star with an eighth note in the middle. She's cheerful, rambunctious, friendly, a little silly, adores Princess Luna, and writes and performs music (primarily singing). She's had some rather harrowing adventures, but has survived and thrives with the help of her friends!

Serolious' Reference Sheet by XxSeroliousxX
XxSeroliousxX's Serolious
Info: Serolious was Born under a lunar eclipse blood moon. She contains a beautiful ability inside herself known as "The Midnight Spark", this ability enabled her the power to heal. However being born under a blood moon blocked her from feeling true emotion. She was born into a proud pegasi family that threw her out because she disgraced the family name as a unicorn. Serolious has become a fearless, ruthless, powerful, and hard-to-get-to-know mare but she usually hides her gentle, understanding, noble, trustworthy, and loyal side, this side is only shown to her closest friends.

Snow Dust by RosesilkBeautiful
SnowDust101's Snow Dust
[Reference Sheet]
Info: A green pegasus, Snow Dust makes the snow fall in the winter. A tomboy that loves to do tricks and flips in warm mornings, she loves to hang out with friends. Her element is belief and works with the Elements of Delight! Snow Dust also loves dubstep and creating art.

Wind Chaser Reference Sheet (New) by Artificial-Thunder
Artificial-Thunder's Wind Chaser
Info:  Wind Chaser is very strong of character and morals with a strong attention to detail and task orientation, not letting his blank flank or weak flying ability get him down. He can be pessimistic and cynical when he is not able to see things through, nor does he take kindly to failure, but is very honest and caring with his friends and his work. Forging friendships is how Wind Chaser expects to find his motivation to tackle life's challenges.

Caster Forge Reference Sheet by Dawnrex15
Dawnrex15's Caster Forge
Info: Caster is the Royal Blacksmith working at Canterlot Castle for the Royal Army. Caster Forge is a bit bad-tempered and unsociable, but he cares for his friends and family more than his own life and would gladly risk it to protect them if the time ever came. One pony in particular is his marefriend, Princess Alesha Zee, who Caster loves more than anything in Equestria.

Rose Silk by RosesilkBeautiful
RosesilkBeautiful's Rose Silk
Info: Rose using science and unicorn magic (supplied by her best friend petal touch since rose is an alicorn) has developed a way to take rose petals and create a strong yet soft fabric.she's rather well known in the fashion world for said fabric as only her and petal touch know how to make the fabric.

Silent Song Information Sheet by AnAppleForgotten
AnAppleForgotten's Silent Song
Info: Silent song is a pony that doesn't enjoy being in crowded spaces, she enjoys, actually, loneliness for the most part, this made her choose the cold mountains of equestria as her homeland, where only a few ponies live due to the cold weather. She however visits ponyville periodically to get supplies, food, and any other articles she wouldn't easly find in the mountains.
Her shy and reserved nature often makes another ponies curious about her, while she doesn't usually start a conversation, the other ponies actually start to talk to her instead, to which, surprisingly enough, she receives in a very calmed and friendly way, showing that her shyness is actually just a mask that easly goes off once somebody decides to talk to her.

Sandy Apples Reference Sheet - New! by Sandy--Apples
Sandy--Apples's Sandy Apples
Info: Sandy is cheerful and bubbly, and sometimes even a little silly. She doesn't like strangers and will no speak unless spoken to. She loves to draw and write, but would get her work done a lot faster if she wasn't so easily distracted!

Frost Wave Reference Sheet by wizdiana
wizdiana's Frost Wave
Info:  Frost Wave is a kind and gentle pony that lacks social skills from living on a mountain alone . She also has an odd trait of always having her ears down. She has the special talent of making snowflake flowers grow where ever she goes but that also causes her environment to grow colder and for her legs to have a light blue gradient.

Aqua Waters Marine by PonyPersonandtheart
PonyPersonandtheart's Aqua Marine
Info:  A marine biologist who was born underwater. She loves to play and loves anything fun! Her cutie mark is a coral representing her fascination with coral reefs.

:Surprise: by ScorchedPoet
ScorchedPoet's Surprise
Info: Wildling Unicorn, Owns a small apartment in Canterlot however spends most of her timing wandering from town to town. Organizing events and parties from time to time. She has not got a cutie mark and never will get one.

Vulsegardt The Runemare by Vulsegardt
Vulsegardt's Vulsegardt
[Reference Sheet]
Info: She is a unicorn pony from the very northern reaches of Equestria, but as a filly raised by her grandfather; a former Canterlot guardian of the archives.  Her talent is translating pre-Celestia/Luna era manuscripts from the old runic system, logging the history, magic scrolls, runestones, and books. As well as translating runestones and magic scrolls she has gathered a knowlege base on magic spells, experimenting on old and unstable magic.  Her cutie mark is a Futhark F rune crossed with a blue quill.

Velveteen Vixen (Bio) by Velveteen-Vixen
Velveteen-Vixen's Velveteen Vixen
Info: Ever since she was a little filly, she was sensitive. A raised voice would bring her to tears and too many eyes on her would make her tremble. With the help of her special somepony, she is now a much more confident pony. The kind of pony who thinks, not only of the hero in a story, but makes it a point to see the villain's reasoning.

Happy Hearts and Hooves Day by digimonlover101
digimonlover101's Grace Tempo
Info: Grew up performing in the subways of manehatten until she was recruited. She is sweet but immature and will do anything for her friends.

Sohma Sparkles! by HungrySohma16
HungrySohma16's Sohma
[Reference Info]
Info:  A cheerful earth pony who loves bringing smiles to those around her, and will do her best to cheer up a friend in need.  Finding her cutie mark was quite the challenge, but upon discovering it also found her special somepony.

Reference Sheet: Painted Melody (Ponysona) by MyPaintedMelody
MyPaintedMelody's PaintedMelody
Info: Melody is sweet, simple, and all-around adorable! She is a kind, lovable pony, but if a camera comes her way, she won't hesitate to jump into the spotlight. She lives in a Canterlot apartment where she spends her days drawing and doodling away.

Come To Card Stock by The1King
The1King's Card Stock
Info: Card Stock is an eccentric and rather vain earth pony who owns a card shop in Canterlot called "Card Stock's Corner". He's well known for making loads of lame puns, especially if they involve cards as well as having a sucker/lollipop in his mouth seemingly for eternity (he LOVES suckers). You need a playing card, trading card, business card, birthday card, tarot card or any kind of card, he's probably got it.

Sacred pony warrior by Gdpony
Gdpony's Guardian Dreamer
Info: Guardian Dreamer is a peaceful pony, but he's always ready to fight to protect others. His cutie mark is the shield-shaped constellation. It means protecting from any danger.

Nightly HD by aNIGHTLYpony
aNIGHTLYpony's Nocturne Medley
Info: Nocturne Medley, commonly known as Nightly is a nocturnal unicorn and traveling bard that roams Equestria in search for adventure and to help those in need at night. He is a kind-hearted, clever pony with a strong sense of justice but is also stubborn and often hides his feelings. he doesn't trust easily but once befriended he'll remain loyal until the end. He's very agile and a good swordsman who can cast powerful magic with his Lute.

There's a lot of OCs this month LOL; Good luck everyone!
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