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Rules, Folders and Such

Welcome to My-Little-OC-Pony!

OpenCanvas by PegasusXIII

If you'd like to join, go ahead and push the "Join Group" button on the top of the page! You'll be automatically approved!

:bulletblue:{RULES + FAQ}:bulletblue:
--Please read these before hitting the "Join Group" button or before asking any questions! ♥
:bulletblue:{FOLDER GUIDE}:bulletblue:
--Click here to figure out where you submit, before you submit!
:bulletblue:{How To Get Featured}:bulletblue:
--Wanna be featured on our front page? Check this link out for directions!

Do not advertise on our front page!
If you want an advertisement to be seen, please submit a journal to our "Advertisements" folder or check out our "Features" journal!
Asking people for requests, offering commissions or art, or outwardly advertising your group/what have you is considered advertising, and will be hidden with a warning. Any further attempts after that will result in a month's ban from the group.

Do not ask how to submit images to the group.
Please read everything before commenting on our front page.

Any Questions?

I hope this clears some stuff up. If you have any questions, message the group or any of its administrators! We are always happy to help.

Amazing Donators

The users featured here are featured because they are awesome! Please check out their art and pages!

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{OC of the Month!}

Pumpkin Patch by banifi

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin, or Patchy, is a talented costume maker, her favorite season is Autumn as she adores to see the leaves fall and cover the landscapes with warm colors. She is a sweet quiet pony, who adores Halloween more then anything and for the entire year, she waits for October to create all the amazing costumes she is known for as Fillies come to her for their dream outfits, adults come with glee, eager to scare their friends out of their manes. She has a pet fox named Trickster, who is a little devil but she can't help but love his mischievous ways, she also adores candy, which is how she met her marefriend, a batpony called Pumpkin Spice who runs a coffee shop at her village.

Nominations for OC of the Month are posted halfway through every month! If you're interested in nominating yourself, please view the rules over in this journal if you'd like your OC to be here!



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"Where does this go?"


Hello, everypony! Welcome to the month of October, where Nightmare Night is so close we can taste it!!
I've seen some things like "Inktober" and other drawing challenges, and I figured this would be better than a contest!

Below are the details and guidelines to participate!
[F2U] Pumpkin Divider by JagveressRules and Guidelines[F2U] Pumpkin Divider by Jagveress

It's simple: Draw something for this theme this week, link it/submit the image to our Contest Entry folder, and at the end of the week we'll pick the top 3! Every entry will be placed on this journal, too!

1. Draw an image that fits the theme!

2. Submit the image to the [Group Contest Entries] folder! If you want, you can link it here for added measure!
                          NOTE: It MUST be submitted to this folder to be counted. It's the month of Halloween, so I can't make any assumptions!

3. Your image will be added to this journal before the end of the week (I will periodically check to make sure, it shouldn't take more than a day).

Teeny-Tiny Pumpkin - F2U! by Drache-LehreTeeny-Tiny Pumpkin - F2U! by Drache-LehreTeeny-Tiny Pumpkin - F2U! by Drache-LehreThis Week's Theme: Halloween Costumes!Teeny-Tiny Pumpkin - F2U! by Drache-LehreTeeny-Tiny Pumpkin - F2U! by Drache-LehreTeeny-Tiny Pumpkin - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
Deadline: October 10th @ 11:59pm EST

Draw your OC wearing a costume! You don't have to mention who or what it is. (But it would be cool if you did!)
Please make sure your image is in the correct folder! We get hundreds of submissions a day, so it's easy for us to lose it.
Your character can be any species as long as it's MLP-related! Equestria Girls accepted too~

[F2U] Pumpkin Divider by JagveressSubmissions![F2U] Pumpkin Divider by Jagveress
These are the entries so far!

Ring Master by HeartsCharmGetting redi for halloween by Comet7852Nightmare night Durus by pokefan265Ruby Cosplays (Luka - Vocaloids) by foxgirlKira
EJ as a pony (Halloween Cstoume) by EJLightning007artsMy oc pony made for My-Little-OC-Pony contest by lilypup01Meddy The Jacket(NightMare Night) by HakimieGmodartHAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! by FastAnimal
Ooga-Chaka by Arc-Caster135Pumpkin Witch by SkecchiartHalloween ID by matteglaze
More Journal Entries

DrAWctober time! Pick a theme for this week's challenge! (Starts tomorrow, ends Saturday!) 

53 deviants said Halloween costumes!
41 deviants said Zombies, Ghosts, and Horror!
16 deviants said Fall fashion!
10 deviants said Autumn foliage!

Recent Journal Entries


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