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Rules, Folders and Such

Welcome to My-Little-OC-Pony!

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OpenCanvas by PegasusXIII

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:bulletblue:{RULES + FAQ}:bulletblue:
--Please read these before hitting the "Join Group" button or before asking any questions! ♥
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Do not advertise on our front page!
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Asking people for requests, offering commissions or art, or outwardly advertising your group/what have you is considered advertising, and will be hidden with a warning. Any further attempts after that will result in a month's ban from the group.

Do not ask how to submit images to the group.
Please read everything before commenting on our front page.

Any Questions?

I hope this clears some stuff up. If you have any questions, message the group or any of its administrators! We are always happy to help.

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{OC of the Month!}

Crab Apple Again by wingedwolf94


Crabby is... crabby lol. But can be very sweet to ponies she is familiar with. Her special skill is art and she paints with her paintbrush like tail. She is a distant member of the apple family although she doesn't often associate with them because of her aversion to hard boring work.
Nominations for OC of the Month are posted halfway through every month! If you're interested in nominating yourself, please view the rules over in this journal if you'd like your OC to be here!


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rip me I'm awful at doing things on time



1. Do not badmouth another person's OC. This is a positive environment and anyone found making awful comments about another's OC will be disqualified automatically and you will receive a warning. If it happens again you will be removed from the group.
2. Please follow all the guidelines! Anyone who doesn't won't be counted.
3. You need to comment on this journal, otherwise it will be hard to keep track of!
4. Please don't solicit votes within the comments! I thought I placed this rule already, sorry! If you are caught doing so you will be disqualified. (Soliciting votes mean "Vote for my oc/[OC's name]!")
Time to vote for your choice for OC of the Month! Before you send in your votes for the poll, please view this journal! We encourage you to vote on the character itself, not just the artwork! That's why we have here a list of the participants for the month of February!

Voting will end on May 3rd! at 11:59 PM EST!! ♥

--How do I vote?--
Comment on this journal with the names of 2 ponies that you would like to vote for! At the end of the voting period, votes will be counted and the highest one wins!
You may not vote for yourself.
PLEASE remember, you need to vote for two otherwise your vote will not be counted

OC of the Month Qualifiers

Jo-Jo Reference Sheet Mlp Oc by MLP-Starblaze
MLP-Starblaze's Jo-Jo
Info: Jo is usually calm and quiet, but speaks up if she has too. She is a bit stubborn and free spirited, which can be both good and bad at times. Jo-Jo can't fly, and hates heights. She is more interested by rodeo and earth pony ways.

Genesis Ref by AnScathMarcach
AnScathMarcach's Genesis
Info: Genesis is a pony who spends a lot of time creating things. She strives to one day create something that many ponies can enjoy and admire her for. She is a relatively solitary pony, but occasionally she enjoys the company of those who care about her. She enjoys fancy things like coffee shops, and shows a great appreciation for other ponies' hard work and effort in their own creations.

Cabaret Bio by ScorchedPoet
ScorchedPoet's Cabaret
Info: Cabaret is energetic and loves singing beyond sense, He is being raised by his big sister and was gifted golden bangles from her for his third birthday. He never takes them off!

Warden Reference Sheet -DELUXE- by Dr-Whiskey
Dr-Whiskey's Warden
Info: Warden is a smooth talking, calm and cool guy type. he isnt much for direct confrontation unless it's absolutely necessary, or if his loyalty is under question. that being said he is very loyal to his friends and will defend them to the death if he has to. he has a soft spot for intelligent ponies and can sometimes act a little... goofy in the presence of his friends. His cutie mark represents his impeccable memory and mysteriousness.

Sidera (Design and biography) by xSidera
xSidera's Sidera
Info: Sidera is a sweet fawnpond always ready to going around and protect the wood where she lives. She's can be pretty aristocratic sometimes, but is just appearence, because most of the times she simply is really energetic and solar, trying in all way she can to make other people laught. She's a shipping lover, so you probably can notice her behind a tree looking to new couples with an insane smile, thinking about the appearence of their sons.

Small master ref by digitalvick
digitalvick's The Master
Info: Master is a very arrogant pony, who is slowly learning the ways of Equestria with the help of his assistant Vicktory. He cant use his hooves very well yet, or his magic for that matter, so he relies on Vicktory to do most everything for him. nonetheless, he is still very prideful, rather manipulative, and can be pretty rude at times when hes not trying to manipulate somepony.

New Caster Forge Reference Sheet by Dawnrex15
Dawnrex15's Caster Forge
Info: Caster Forge is a somewhat workaholic pony who works as the Royal Blacksmith in Canterlot for the Castle Guard. Whether it be work or life in general, he always tries to see the unique traits of others and how they can be improved with support. Despite his tendency to focus more on his job, he still tries to make time for his friends and family, as he cherishes each one dearly.

Night Terror: Updated design by Runya-Isamu
Runya-Isamu's Night Terror
Info: Night Terror, despite what his name might suggest, is a very friendly, laid-back pony. He's a world-famous shock rock singer, however, and is famous for his gruesome theatrics on stage, changing from a friendly, laid-back pony to a creepy, mean, insane pony who pushes his band members around (though it's all an act, mind you), gets strapped into an electric chair and electrocuted, and gets his head cut off with a guillotine.

Adaro Full Body- StarlightRaven14 by cherrybo
StarlightRaven14's Adaro
[Full Biography]
Info: Adaro is a fun loving pony who enjoys pulling pranks on others. He's a bit childish, and can sometimes come off as naive, especially to ponies he's never met before, but is actually very intelligent. He enjoys making other ponies happy, even if it means making a fool of himself in the process.

Cosmia Nebula Design by KopaLeo
KopaLeo's Cosmia Nebula
[Full Biography]
Info:Cosmia has a PhD in Astronomy and works as an independent astronomer. Her cutie mark symbolizes both her astronomy skills and her urge of "connecting the dots to see the pattern".
She lives alone, is solitary and somewhat depressed, and usually doesn't care too much about others, except one pony called Artline. She would do anything for her one and only friend Artline.

Sandy Apples Reference Sheet by Sandy--Apples
Sandy--Apples's Sandy Apples
Info: Sandy is a creative, care-free pinto unicorn pony who always tries to keep up a positive attitude.
She is her own pony and doesn't care what anypony thinks of her, or at least she tries not to.
She loves to draw and write, but would get her work done a lot faster if she wasn't so easily distracted!
(More info can be found on her Reference Sheet!)

Battle for Ponyville Part 1 by pretty-pegasus-wings
pretty-pegasus-wings's Azure
[Full Biography]
Info: Azure is a catazonon, originally born in the Cartazonon Empire, who travels all around Equestria meeting new creatures, writing their stories, and getting into a little mischief here and there. She’s generally clumsy, can be a bit abrasive when first meeting her, blunt at times (mostly by accident), is very friendly, always full of pep, gets excited over the smallest of things, and is unaware of pony culture, it’s workings, and other things found in Equestria that she has yet to come across in the Empire like the time she mistook a candy cane for being a type of pepper (like a chili pepper); she’s learning, slowly. Unlike other cartazonons, she was born without a horn which put her at a huge disadvantage during her time in the Empire, but that never stops her from doing her best each and every day.

Peep Crystal Color Guide by sydpeep
sydpeep's Peep Crystal
InfoPeep Crystal is a sweet and loving pony. she loves peeps. She loves to swim when its hot and is always seen with her pffs. She also loves music and loves to draw art.

Darcy Ref Sheet by LaptopBrony
LaptopBrony's Darcy (Sinclair)
Info: Darcy is a care-free, pig-tail donning pegasus living currently on the outskirts of Cloudsdale.  Despite living alone, working as a coffee shop waitress and studying for college, this young mare still tries her best to maintain a positive outlook on life, often displayed through her colourful paintings and kind-hearted personality.

Sketchy's Reference Sheet by FillyDrawSilly
FillyDrawSilly's Sketch Artist "Sketchy"
Info: Sketchy is a very happy mare with a deep love for all her friends! She spends most of her time with her puppy husky, Snowball. She was originally born in Fillydelphia but currently lives in Ponyville.

High Pitch by Scarlet-Spectrum
tornadopilot2's High Pitch
[Full Biography]
Info: High Pitch is a cheerful, curious bat filly who enjoys dressing up for some role plays and playing around with her plushies that her mom makes for her. Despite being home schooled and having to deal with moving homes every few years or so, she does manage to make a few good friends that she gets to keep in touch with most of the time. As much as it bothers the others around her, she doesn't mind staying as a blank flank.

Happy voting!

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