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Rules, Folders and Such

Welcome to My-Little-OC-Pony!

OpenCanvas by PegasusXIII

If you'd like to join, go ahead and push the "Join Group" button on the top of the page! You'll be automatically approved!

:bulletblue:{RULES + FAQ}:bulletblue:
--Please read these before hitting the "Join Group" button or before asking any questions! ♥
:bulletblue:{FOLDER GUIDE}:bulletblue:
--Click here to figure out where you submit, before you submit!
:bulletblue:{How To Get Featured}:bulletblue:
--Wanna be featured on our front page? Check this link out for directions!

Do not advertise on our front page!
If you want an advertisement to be seen, please submit a journal to our "Advertisements" folder or check out our "Features" journal!
Asking people for requests, offering commissions or art, or outwardly advertising your group/what have you is considered advertising, and will be hidden with a warning. Any further attempts after that will result in a month's ban from the group.

Any Questions?

I hope this clears some stuff up. If you have any questions, message the group or any of its administrators! We are always happy to help.

Amazing Donators

The users featured here are featured because they are awesome! Please check out their art and pages!

{OC of the Month!}

Commission for KyuremGirl 2 by Miyunea

Winter Gray

Winter Gray is from a rare sub-species of Earth Ponies known as Frosts that live in the northern parts of the Equestria. Shy and mostly reserved, Winter would rather patrol the woods than work in a public place, avoiding view from others. His thick winter hide and long fur around his flank guard the view of his Cutie Mark; nopony knows what his talent is because of this. If you listen carefully on cold nights, you can hear Winter singing his soft folktale lullabies to the woods and the creatures inhabiting it.

Nominations for OC of the Month are posted halfway through every month! If you're interested in nominating yourself, please view the rules over in this journal if you'd like your OC to be here!



Gallery Folders

OCs with Canon Characters
Humanized Anthro OCs
Animations and Games
Comics and Memes
Adoptables and Customs
OC Crossovers
Reference Sheets
Cutie Marks
Random Misc
Ask My Pony
MLOCP Annual Secret Santa
Group Contest Entries
Bases and Resources
"Where does this go?"



1. Do not badmouth another person's OC. This is a positive environment and anyone found making awful comments about another's OC will be disqualified automatically and you will receive a warning. If it happens again you will be removed from the group.
2. Please follow all the guidelines! Anyone who doesn't won't be counted.
3. You need to comment on this journal, otherwise it will be hard to keep track of!
4.If you are in the running, you may make a journal to advertise for voting, but you must advertise our group in the process!
5. Please don't solicit votes within the comments! I thought I placed this rule already, sorry! If you are caught doing so you will be disqualified. (Soliciting votes mean "Vote for my oc/[OC's name]!")
Time to vote for your choice for OC of the Month! Before you send in your votes for the poll, please view this journal! We encourage you to vote on the character itself, not just the artwork! That's why we have here a list of the participants for the month of September!

Voting will end on June 1st! at 11:59 PM EST!! ♥

--How do I vote?--
Comment on this journal with the names of 2 ponies that you would like to vote for! At the end of the voting period, votes will be counted and the highest one wins!
You may not vote for yourself.
PLEASE remember, you need to vote for two otherwise your vote will not be counted

OC of the Month Qualifiers

Lemonade Paradise by The-Queen-Of-Cookies
The-Queen-Of-Cookies's Lemonade Paradise
Info: Lemonade Paradise is usually a bubbly, out-going pony; she can be very strange, random, and silly at times, which can get very annoying, and she loves making new friends; she also cares a lot for the friends, relatives, and relationships that she has. She has an emotional attachment to lemonade, and she isn't afraid to admit that; although it can cause ponies to go insane with how much she asks if they want a certain type of lemonade. She loves her warm socks, and wears them constantly, barely ever taking them off; she also HATES getting them dirty, and will go crazy if she even gets a spec of dirt on them, which can scare her friends; although, her true kindness and caring shine on top of all that.

shockline new ref 2015 by Thepantybandit
Thepantybandit's Shockline
Info:  Shockline was my first MLP OC for a while now. He's gone through many changes, in fact he use to be female. He just grew up and took off and suddenly he was a guy pony and he liked other guy ponies. I loved him all the same. Now Shockline is accomplished. He runs a group that is similar to the Wonderbolts. The team does tricks in the air. After his accident he became a coach and so now he teaches other ponies how to fly. He's a kind pony, like most. He's very headstrong and loves to have fun. Summer time is his fav time of year and you can almost always find him outside flying in his free time.

Sketch reference sheet by Ninetailsofawesome
Ninetailsofawesome's Sketch
Info: Sketch is one of my newer-ish OCs, and the one I draw the most. She started as a ponysona, but she seems to have transformed into a whole other character. Sketch is probably one of the best characters I have made, due to the range of emotion and different situations I have drawn her in. She is a shy artist working in Canterlot.

Cocky Reference Sheet by PrivateCocky
PrivateCocky's Cocky
Info:  Cocky was my first MLP OC and continues to be the one I use far more than the others. Technically she is my ponysona but I don't use her as one.

commission_Techno Terra by G-Blue16
SubliminalPeacock's TechnoTerra
[Biography Link]
Info:  A Techno pony that has a symbiotic relationship with Techno, the robotic appendage that emerges from her back. Techno is responsible for her ability to walk, since Terra was born paralyzed from the waist down.

Have fun and good luck! Please make sure that you voted for 2!
More Journal Entries

OC of the Month Theme! Pick one! 

57 deviants said LGBT Pride/Rainbow Ponies
56 deviants said Summer-themed ponies
48 deviants said Twins
38 deviants said Moon-based
32 deviants said Other Species!
16 deviants said Fathers

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i feel more at home creating with pony creator its kinda what i'm more good at then when i draw ya know?
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The other folder was full, so we had to make a new one!
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