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{OC of the Month!}

Solar Eclipse Reference Sheet By Britishmindslave by oOSolarEclipseOo

Solar Eclipse

She's rather shy, and enjoys being alone. Even through her shyness she's always willing to help, and she'll even defend somepony if needed. She has a soft and kind heart. She's pretty strong willed and wont let anything get in her way that would stop her goals.

Nominations for OC of the Month are posted halfway through every month! If you're interested in nominating yourself, please view the rules over in this journal if you'd like your OC to be here!



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"Where does this go?"


Boy, this took me a bit to post. Sorry! With Halloween coming up, I'm sure we're all making preparations!

Expect a contest shortly! ♥
Hello, everypony! Time to vote for your choice for OC of the Month! Before you send in your votes for the poll, please view this journal! We encourage you to vote on the character itself, not just the artwork! That's why we have here a list of the participants for the month of September!

Voting will end a little late, on November 3rd at 11:59 PM EST!! ♥

How do I vote?
Comment on this journal with the names of 2 ponies that you would like to vote for! At the end of the voting period, votes will be counted and the highest one wins!
You may not vote for yourself.
PLEASE remember, you need to vote for two otherwise your vote will not be counted

OC of the Month Qualifiers

Sheamus-MLP Reference Sheet by The-Sheamus-MLP
The-Sheamus-MLP's Sheamus-MLP
Personality: Sheamus-MLP is a nice pony who cares for those who care for her. She doesn't care much about what other ponies think of her. She loves to be herself no matter what. Though she isn't a master at talking about her feelings...

Jade mlp style by JaDeDJynX
JaDeDJynX's Jade
Personality: Jade has her blonde moments in time and can be the butt of many jokes. She has a tough time learning how to "thief" and makes many mistakes leading to hilarious scenes and quotes. ironically, Jade also is very observant and has natural detective scenes due to her love of mystery stories/ shows / etc.
This make her a pretty good lookout (if she's not distracted) and shes very observant.

Caster Forge Reference Sheet by dawnrex15
dawnrex15's Caster Forge
Personality: Caster Forge is a 23 year old Pegasus stallion living in the city of Canterlot. Caster is also the Royal Blacksmith working at Canterlot Castle for the Royal Army. Caster Forge also has a lucky mark, a rare form of cutie mark that nopony else has, in the form of the roman numeral 15 adorning his cutie mark that gives him luck, in his case, revolving around 15. Caster Forge is a bit bad-tempered and unsociable, but he cares for his friends and family more than his own life and would gladly risk it to protect them if the time ever came. One pony in particular is his marefriend, Princess Alesha Zee, who Caster loves more than anything in Equestria.

Azure Night's Character Sheet by The1King
The1King's Azure Night
Personality:  Azure Night is a unicorn of the Royal Guard. Even though he is a unicorn, his magical abilities are minimal at best (he can only really manage the basic levitation spell). Despite this handicap, Azure is a highly loyal and determined warrior who will go to extreme lengths to defend those dear to him.

Tumble Wonder Reference Sheet 2014! by CraftyAllie
CraftyAllie's Tumble Wonder
Personality:  She’s quirky and a bit strange. Her personality is kind, if not a bit selfish and she becomes bored and impatient easily. She often becomes super focused on a certain subject and rambles about it until someone finally has to tell her to stop or shut up. Though she likes meeting other ponies, she becomes extremely awkward about getting to know them further and thus has very few friends. When she hits her lowest points, she becomes depressed and withdrawn and tends to isolate herself and spend most of her time alone drawing or reading.

Quarrel, Apprentice of Chaos by DolphinMoana
DolphinMoana's Quarrel
Personality:  Quarrel was once a regular Earth pony colt before a horde of Windego-esque creatures - from a mysterious source - were unleashed upon him and transformed him into a fledgling draconequus foal. He is generally very sweet-natured as a colt - but the older he gets and the more he learns about his powers, he gets bolder and his innate draconequus urge for chaos becomes more evident. Having Discord as an adopted father figure doesn't always help this, but as long as Quarrel can rein in his instincts, he would never dream of hurting anyone and his pranks keep to madcap fun.

Saussurea Updated Reference by quila111
quila111's Saussurea
Personality: Saussurea is a down to earth pony, enjoying the simple things of life. Usually calm and polite, she can become quite nasty when seeing those abuse the earth.

Pyromanecer Finished by The-Pyromanecer
The-Pyromanecer's Pyromanecer
Personality: Pyromanecer is a lay-back pony who prefers style over practicality. He is wild and unpredictable, yet a little annoying to some. But when in times of need, his personality will change on a dime, depending on the situation.

Sugar Creep by BriarFaun
BriarFaun's Sugar Creep
Personality: Sugar Creep has a personality true to her name. She's sweet with a lil' bite! She is generally shy and introverted but has a wonderful sense of humor and loves playing tricks on her friends and sharing candy with just about anyone.

Lemonade Paradise by Cookie-Dough-Batter
Cookie-Dough-Batter's Lemonade Paradise
Personality:  She is a caring and kind pony, but she doesn't let other ponies get in her way. She is fun and out-going, she can be kinky, and she loves making other ponies happy, especially with her lemonade. She can get a bit clingy to her socks as well as lemonade to the point where it can get annoying, but she's still loyal and loves making new friends.

Serolious V2 reference by cadencetheflamehaze
cadencetheflamehaze's Serolious
Personality: She was stubborn, easily tempered, and hard to get to know like her mother and noble, strong, courageous, and loyal like her father. Serolious' original home was on the moon until Nightmare Moon escaped. She is as you know very uncomfortable talking to other ponies, causing her to only have a minimum amount of friends, but once you get to know her she is sweet, kind, and very protective.

Windy Reference by moekonya
moekonya's Wind Art
Personality:  Wind Art is very funny, friendly and protective with her friends and Family.

MLP OC Bio Sheet : Surfing Blossom by outlaw4rc
outlaw4rc's Surfing Blossom
Personality: Blossom loves giving everypony a friendly aloha but watch out! She does has a quick temper and will use her surfboard to assert her authority. Although Blossom can't sustain flight, her wings lets her make jaw-dropping moves over the water, making her the queen of the waves.

Sandy Apples Reference Sheet - New! by Sandy--Apples
Sandy--Apples's Sandy Apples
Personality: When surrounded by ponies she does not know Sandy turns mute and can come across as distant or rude. But amongst her friends and family she is cheerful and bubbly, and sometimes even a little silly. She loves to draw and write, but would get her work done a lot faster if she wasn't so easily distracted!

More Journal Entries

Contest ideas for October? POLL will be open until Saturday, October 18th! 

62 deviants said Dressing up for Nightmare Night!
47 deviants said Halloween, dummy! We want treats!
35 deviants said Candy-themed ponies!
14 deviants said Dark themes! (Suggest?)
3 deviants said Something else! (COMMENT.)

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