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Rules, Folders and Such

Welcome to My-Little-OC-Pony!

If you'd like to join, go ahead and push the "Join Group" button on the top of the page! You'll be automatically approved!

:bulletblue:{RULES + FAQ}:bulletblue:
--Please read these before hitting the "Join Group" button or before asking any questions! ♥
:bulletblue:{FOLDER GUIDE}:bulletblue:
--Click here to figure out where you submit, before you submit!
:bulletblue:{How To Get Featured}:bulletblue:
--Wanna be featured on our front page? Check this link out for directions!

Do not advertise on our front page!
If you want an advertisement to be seen, please submit a journal to our "Advertisements" folder or check out our "Features" journal!

Any Questions?

I hope this clears some stuff up. If you have any questions, message the group or any of its administrators! We are always happy to help.

{OC of the Month!}

Colors of the Wind by BumblebeesAndRoses


Timid at first, but quirky and laidback once you get to know her. A definite talent when it comes to art, she's quick to defend her friends and her beliefs no matter the cost to her. She's a rather sensitive mare as well due to her rocky past, and takes her time when warming up to new friends. But once she's gotten to know and trust you, she'll have a hard time letting you go, thus coming across as a rather clingy pony sometimes. But besides that, she will do anything to make you smile or laugh, even if she's not in the mood for such shenanigans. She's brave and heartfelt and honest, and does not take kindly to bullies, liars, or ponies that think to use other ponies for their own uses. Preferring to stay quiet, she can be rather bookish but outgoing in the same wingbeat, depending on how comfortable she is around you. On the other side of things, she can be a bit impulsive and moody but never means to hurt anypony accidentally or on purpose. When angered, she sometimes can be a little too rough but again, never means to hurt anypony.

Nominations for OC of the Month are posted halfway through every month! We're nominating right now, so please head over to this journal if you'd like your OC to be here!



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"Where does this go?"


Hey, guys! This is the official Monthly Features! This journal will be posted up at the beginning of every month! Please view this to see what other members of the group have in store for you!

If you would like to be featured, please check out this journal!


Looking for someone to commission? Look below!
Commission Link: (Under their commission widget!)
Medium/Type: Digital
Price Range: Points only. 50:points: includes max two ponies. Extra ponies are another 5:points: each
Request: Three Friends by RaichulolratCommission: Quaver by RaichulolratKiriban: Picnic by Raichulolrat
Other: I have other commissions other than ponies :)

Commission Link:
Medium/Type: Digital + Character Designs
Price Range: 500-6000+:points: / $5-$60+
.:COMM: Kizzarina:. by Goddess-of-BUTTSECKS.:COMM: Naphtali:. by Goddess-of-BUTTSECKS.:YGOGX: Na na na na c'mon:. by Goddess-of-BUTTSECKS
Other: Very flexible prices! I can do a multitude of styles and subjects!


Want a contest to participate in? Check below!
Contest: Draw my OC: Fav day of the year
Contest Link:…
Theme: Your (oc's) favorite day of the year
1st Place Prize(s):
-3 month premium membership (or equivalent Points) from Raichulolrat(<-- the big one)
-50Points from Raichulolrat                                                 )
-free request from Raichulolrat                                           )
-llama badge from Raichulolrat                                           ) <-- other awesome stuff first place gets
-3 pixel dolls/sprites from The-Insane-Puppeteer              )
-2 shaded digital headshots from The-Insane-Puppeteer )
-1 traditional fullbody from The-Insane-Puppeteer            )
[there's also a second place and three runner ups and those have awesome prizes too]
End Date: September 16th
Other: Can submit more than one entry, Written entries will be accepted, out of my four OCs you can choose from, two of them are ponies (Storm and FlareBlitz).


Wanna enter a raffle or giveaway? Here's some!
There's nothing to show this month!
More Journal Entries

[Contest Voting] Finals! 

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