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Rules, Folders and Such


1. No rudeness. If you are rude here, you will be withdrawn from the group immediately.

2. No mane cast pictures here. If it's a mane character with an original pony, then that's fine. But if it's only a mane character, you will be asked to withdraw it from the group.

3. Crossover ponies do indeed count as original ponies, since you made them up.

4. If you have a background character that you've taken under your wing, they can count as OCs, too.

5. If I think you're responsible enough to be a co-founder or contributor, I will ask you if you'd like to be one. If you ask me, then chances are, you will not be chosen.


Club Mascot
--This is where fanart and drawings of the group's mascot goes!

Earth Ponies
--Finished pictures of Earth Pony fan characters! Commissions and drawings of other people's Earth Ponies belong here, too! Do not put your reference sheet here!

--Finished pictures of Unicorn fan characters! Commissions and drawings of other people's Unicorns belong here, too! Do not put your reference sheet here!

--Finished pictures of Pegasus fan characters! Commissions and drawings of other people's Pegasi belong here, too! Do not put your reference sheet here!

--Finished pictures of Alicorn fan characters! Commissions and drawings of other people's Alicorns belong here, too! Do not put your reference sheet here!

Bat Ponies
--Bat ponies, lunar guards, regular ponies with bat wings, etc.

Other Canon Species
-- Dragons, griffons, changelings, you name it! So long as it is still a species from the show and it is still just an OC! Bat ponies have their own folder now.

-- Images drawn with another person, or an image open for people to insert their own character, regardless of species.

Original Species
-- Any race of pony, or otherwise, that you created yourself, or which is otherwise not canon!

Multiple Species
--If there is more than one character present that vary in species, they go here! If your character is a mix of breeds, they will go it original species. The only exception for this is adoptables, which have their own folders.

OCs with Canon Characters
-- Your OC with any of the characters from the show!

Animations and Games
-- Anything moving or interactable, /including/ icons!

-- Anything sexual /or/ excessively gorey!

Comics and Memes
-- Things with multiple drawn frames ( non-animated ) or filled out memes of your characters. For it to be considered a comic, it MUST have multiple frames drawn on it! If you are submitting a comic with only one frame, please submit it into the respective Pony OC folder!

-- Journals advertising your commissions are allowed here!

-- Crafts, anything crafty~! This includes things such as sculpting, buttons, t-shirts, etc!

Adoptables and Customs
-- Adoptable sheets, customs designed for other people; it is pretty simple!

OC Crossovers
-- Images with ponies in, or from, another universe! This includes ponification of already made characters!

Reference Sheets
-- Everything depicting what others would need to know if they decided to draw your OC! If the image has a color palette and/or cutie mark, or information about the character on the image, it is considered a reference sheet.

Cutie Marks
-- Vectors of nothing but the cutie mark! If there is a pony involved anywhere in the picture at all, it does not go here!

-- WIPs, doodles, or sketches! As long as the image isn't too light, it's allowed!

Random Misc
-- WIPs, doodles, and anything involving non-pony universes, such as incorporating other games, movies, or shows into your art, regardless if there are pony OCs in the picture!

Contest Entries
-- Entries for OFFICIAL GROUP CONTESTS ONLY! Personal contest entries go in their original folders

-- Fanfictions, backstories, and any other written works. The main character must be an OC, however.

"Where does this go?"
-- Not sure where something belongs? This folder is an automatically-accepted sorting folder, where we will place them in the right folder for you!

Any Questions?

I hope this clears some stuff up. If you have any questions, message the group or any of its administrators! We are always happy to help.



Gallery Folders

Adoptables and Customs
OC Crossovers
Reference Sheets
Cutie Marks
Random Misc
Ask My Pony
Contest Entries
Bases and Resources
"Where does this go?"

Hello Fillies and Gentlecolts! This is Genesis--Project and MidnightFreakShow and the group is hosting a very big contest. The contest is about our future group mascot. Looking forward to the future!


Cannot be an existing character.

Cannot Resemble an Existing Character, OC or Canon.

Must be "Safe For Work" (Nothing too graphic, not to much gore, etc.)

The Character must have:
> A Name
> Backstory
> Original Design

Participants can work alone or in teams of two.

Prizes will be divided among winner(s) or We can decide how they'll be divided for you. (For Teams)

Character has to follow canon laws.

Character cannot involve a canon character (Via Backstory, etc... This includes background ponies, i.e. Caramell, Derpy, Berry Punch.)

Character must best represent what the group stands for. (Sharing OCs in a friendly, accepting environment)

You can submit more than one character. (No Limit, but Please Don't Spam.)

Even if you're giving a prize, you can still enter the contest! The more entries the better!

Don't rush your character! You've got time! ^_^


1st Place
OC Becomes Group Mascot

From RealaSky Pony with EG version/Pop Pony/Ragdoll

From MidnightFreakShow Any Type of Commission they have available

From BritishMindslave Full Pony Scene or Full body of a non-pony character

From xBeautifulDreamerx Drawing Commission

From ThePonytizer One full body OC

From Dani-e-San One stylized sketch of an OC

From theliondemon-kaimra One colored drawing of an OC

From princess-madeleine A "humanized" version of an OC

From BlueHoodedHero A Signature Character commission

From WazzupPonyz A heart pony of an OC

Llamas from:
-the Admins

2nd Place
From RealaSky Pop Pony/Ragdoll

From MidnightFreakShow Any commission that would cost under 20pts

From BritishMindslave Full Body Pony

From xBeautifulDreamerx Drawing Commission

From Genesis--Project Colored Commission

From Ask-BumbleBubbles Colored drawing or small gif of an OC

From AgentAmyArtworks Character drawing with a simple background

From darkdashie23 A commission of an OC

Llamas from:
-The admins

3rd Place
From RealaSky Ragdoll

From MidnightFreakShow Any commission that would cost under 15pts

From Genesis--Project Colored Commission

From The1King Sketch Commission

From lilbuc90 A full color drawing

From Fooleraid Full body OC

Llamas from:
-The admins

Submission Rules:

~You must have your Character Submitted before April 25th
~Please Submit Your Character in the Folder "Club Mascots"
~If your submission violates any of the rules, it will not be accepted.

Admins will be voting after April 25th and, hopefully, by May 1st, we'll have our winner!


"Remember to submit your entries to the "Club Mascot" folder and to have fun with it! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask! We'll help out in any way we can. Looking forward to seeing all of your entries!" ~MidnightFreakShow



Jay Wing

Mascot OC contest Entry by PonyBasesART

Honey Heart

Honey Heart [Contest Entry] by princess-madeleine

Lilac Blues

Lilac Blues, My Little OC Pony Mascot by CoolioHorse

Unique Outlook

Contest entry - Unique Outlook by Lucky-Jacky

Jupiter Slice

Contest by Star-Paint-pony

Harmony Design

Harmony Design (contest entery) by lisa-1

Pastel Presence

Pastel Presence  Contest Entry by LunaDash

Princess Muffion

Princess Muffion by PonyHearted


Navigation by PonyHearted


Hope by PonyHearted

Original Character

Original Chareactor by MlpChocolateRain

Jonas Drake

Jonas Drake club mascot design by Nojiko4

Emin and Alden

Emin and Alden Contest Entry by anxiousanongirl

Sugar Quill

Sugar Quill by RetroArcadeRat


Mixie: Our Character, Our Design (Entry) by QueenBatgirl

Ocfasa Creative

Group OC for contest by aadsit22cps

Modest May

Modest May (Contest Entry) by MasqueradeOfTheNight

Rebel Blaze

Rebellion (Rebel) Blaze by KennehBlaze


Group Mascot Contest Pony by TheCheeseburger

Claire Voyance

Claire Voyance- Ref. Sheet by Fooleraid
More Journal Entries









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Anonycat Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really dislike bringing bad news to other people's groups, but this member of yours :iconscienceisanart: has submited to you material actually stolen from my group here: :icondesktop-pony-team:
This is the second time we catch her lying and agressively misquoting things to pass our work as her original one and as you may understand, her behavior is something we will simply not tolerate anymore.
We are currently in the process of reporting her account for continued abuses, so it's fair that you would be informed about what's going on. 
MidnightFreakShow Apr 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I'm sorry this is happening. Would you be able to link us to the stolen art's location in our group so we can make sure it gets removed from our group folders? 

We'll remove her from the group, report her, and block her account.
Anonycat Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist…

Also, the "friend" she claims solved everything for her is probably her own dummy account, as the first time we caught her, a troll came out from nowhere to hysterically insult the group and defend her, demanding everyone to do as he/she demanded and claiming that everyone already had lost the argument and her friend had won. (It didn't work ahd she was supposed to take down the stuff. Turns out she just waited until we looked to the other side before restarting all over again.)

She still believes that grabbing and minor modifying someone else's work retroactively makes it her own work. In fact, that was one of her excuses the first time we caught her and she was already supossed to have learned that things do not work that way.
MidnightFreakShow Apr 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Alright. Thank you for telling us about this and sorry it's happening. We'll ban her and block her. I've reported her.
Anonycat Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Evidence that this wasn't the first time she was up to no good:…

Notice the self servicing troll hijacking the conversation and deciding things on it's own despite having absolutely nothing to do with the creators.
hi- MLP fans.
I'm an digital artis as I now this year try to make money/points.
and my best skills are concept art- character design, but those characters I'm working on
is only Transformers and I want to get wider.
I want to ge new skills!

so I wonder what is the demand for My Little Pony characters?
MidnightFreakShow Apr 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Demand is fairly high right now if you're in the right place. Example, I made 700pts in a single day by offering cheap pony commissions. I offered to do requests once and I got a flood into my inbox. I had to start turning people down. So, this is good idea for expanding. It can prove very productive.
yeah, I've seen alot of MLP and I thought it would be an nice turn from Transformers to ponies. XD

Ah but I don't really have any friends with MLP intrest so I'm just wondering how I even get started... :/
I thought about to do a few characters and see if I can sell them chea-and get views and then alittle known by the people around... or something.
MidnightFreakShow Apr 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Honestly, to get my popularity up, I did a set of 20 requests, then once people were interested, starting charging for commissions. It was a smooth, easy transition. I still fill all of my commission slots every time I open them.
(1 Reply)
Therandommaster Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I really want to join the contest that's going on, but for the art portion I was wondering if traditional art is accepted. Or humanized art. I can't do digital art very well, so I stick with a pencil and paper for the most part ; ) 
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